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What exactly can we do? We can do ANYTHING!

Great Question!
At PST Computers, we are capable of doing anything, and we mean anything. Repairing, building, upgrading and consulting around the clock, in any location. Come on by, we love a challenge.

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No Repair is too small. Mac or PC, we love them all.

Desktop, Laptop, and even Tablet Repairs

Apple Authorized Repair Depot

Virus, Malware, Spyware, and Ransomware removal and future prevention

Data Backup, Recovery, and Transfer

Slow Computer Performance Analysis and Correction

Build your dream machine with PST Computers.

We design and build custom laptops and desktops using the highest quality parts and the latest proven technologies available.
Our limit isn’t at desktops and laptops, we build servers and work spaces as well.

System upgrades are a mess, let us get messy for you.

Upgrade your CPU, Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Logic Board, Display, RAM, Video and more!

Windows or OS X clean installation and upgrades (including all applications if needed)

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On-site service, even emergency response after hours.

Wired and Wireless Network analysis and design using the latest technologies

Cable, DSL Modem and or Router Setup and Configuration, including Security Analysis and Remote VPN Access

No office or house is too large!

Computer Repair
Data Recovery
Data Transfer

Custom PC Builds
Virus Removal
Website Design
Website Hosting

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